Wonderful Wedding in Sorrento, Italy

I had the amazing opportunity to capture the precious moments that Erika Zombor Svetkovska and Adam Zombor shared on 21 May 2015. There is little doubt that it was a marriage destined to happen, regardless of boundaries and barriers, which made the occasion special to me as it is for the bride and groom. I was the man behind the lens, the Bristol wedding photographer the couple hired to document every special moment of their big day, but it turned out to be an unforgettable experience for me as well.

The beautiful bride Erica hails from Slovakia, while the dapper groom Adam comes from Hungary, making them the epitome of “bridging the distance” or of “two different worlds becoming one”. They met while working in a restaurant in Dublin, became best friends first before they got together as a couple. With romance taking time to develop and with friendship providing a firm foundation, getting married was the next best step to take. Because they come from two different countries, they decided to marry on neutral grounds. Sorrento, Italy no less. This led to them hiring me for a destination wedding photography. As someone specialising in Bath and Bristol wedding photography, I was more than happy to offer my services.

Like most weddings, it was a day full of excitement and drama, something a Bristol wedding photographer like me has an opportunity to witness and commit to memory. The day started out with the girls having their makeup and hair done in one of the beauty salons in Sorrento. Erica, however, was unhappy with the results and decided to wash it all off and then had her best mate do another one for her. Instead of a good Italian sunshine that everyone expected, it was a bit rainy which was a bit disappointing.

Despite the minor setbacks, everyone was ready in time for the wedding. The ceremony was scheduled about 1 o’clock with a proper Italian registrar and translator. It was quite a small and intimate wedding with just a few people in attendance. These included Peter Babik, Erika’s cousin who walked her to the wedding, the bride’s best mate with her boyfriend, and two best mates of Adam. Adam-Ervin Vincze and Andor Tatai served as witnesses.

Afterwards, I and the couple went for a walk around the venue where we took pictures that only the best Bath wedding photography can capture and be truly proud of. We then went to the car to get more interesting shots. To make the most of the opportunity, we took a little drive around before we all went back to the hotel. The couple got changed and then we all went to a restaurant to enjoy an amazing meal, one of the perks of providing a Bath wedding photography service. Of course, as it was a destination wedding photography, being able to visit Sorrento while working is a huge bonus.

Again, I would like to thank you, Erika and Adam, for choosing me as your photographer. I had so much fun working with you both.

Sorrento coast in Italy getting ready

bride is getting ready

cosmetics hairs Wedding make-up. Taking picture with the phone.


Bride is getting her hai done.



Snappycreation-15 Bride at the italian beauty salon.

Wedding reflections.


Wedding shoes.

Make-up cosmetics.

Make-up cream.

Make-up underlay.

Opening of the champain.

Girls toast before the big day.

Wedding dress.

Make-up brush. Wedding rings. Wedding buttons. Unique wedding rings. Wedding details.

Boys are getting the car decorated.

Boys are getting the car ready in black  and white.

Car being decorated for wedding.

Flowers for groomsmen.

Wedding details. Wedding flowers in black and white. Brides best friend getting her makeup done.

Wedding buquet with picture of Dad.

Braidmaid in the mirror.

Groom is getting ready.

Groom is having a drink.

Grooms is getting ready for the big day.

Groom in the mirror.

Grooms buttony up the suit.

Bridemaide is putting flower on the groom's suit.

Groom portrait.

Portrait of the groom.

Bride putting her dress on.

Portrait of the bride while getting the dress done up.

Bride crossing the street on the rainy day.

Bride with braidemaid. Bride with driver under the umbrella. Bride with cousin in the rain.

Bride walking in to the ceremony.

Bride walking in the rain. Bride walki in to the wedding ceremony.

Bride walikn in to ceremony in the rain in Sorrento.

Walking to the reception.

Cousin walking the bride to the ceremony.

Walking to the ceremony in black and white.

Bride and cousing walking in.

Wedding ceremony in Italy

Wedding ceremony in Sorrento.

Wedding ceremony in black and white.

Whole the wedding party at the wedding in Sorrento.

wedding ceremoni in Italy , Sorrento

Reading at the wedding. Bride at the wedding ceremony. Bride in black and white at the ceremony. Groom at the wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom standing in front of registrar.

Wedding ceremony in back and white. First kiss. First kiss at the wedding.

Friend taking pictures of the bride and groon at the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony in black and white.

Putting the ring on. Putting the ring on at the ceremony. Bride putting the ring on his finger.

Just married couple kissing.

Couple kissing .

Bride laughing. Images at the ceremony. Signatures at the wedding. Close up signing. Happy bride. Coulor picture of the couple.

Wedding Party

Couple overlooking Sorrento Italy.

Wide angle shot of couple kissing.

Couple just about to kiss. Touching foreheads.

Location portrait in Italy.

Sorrento, Italy-wedding.

Wedding intimacy.

Wedding couple in Sorrent with two trees in the backgound.

Bride and groom with two birds and two trees.

Bride looking out from the car

Intimate moments in the car.

Groom and bride kissing in the car.

Wedding in Sorrento, Italy.

Intimate picture of the bride and groom.

Wedding picture in Sorrento.

wedding at the coast.

Weeding in Italy.

Wedding in Sorrento Italy

Bride looking in to the camera. Bride and groom just about to kiss. Silhouette of bride and groom.

Bride and groom overlooking Sorrento, Italy.

Portrait of bride and portrait of the groom. The bride in coulor. Bride touching up the hair. Black and whith shot of the bride in the mirror. Bride putting the necklace in front of mirror. Bride and groom in the mirror.

Black and white portrait of the bride.

Sorrento in Italy at sunset. Tables at the wedding in Italy. Kiss. New married couple on sunset. Best man's speech. Speech. The wedding cake. Cutting the wedding cake. pice of the Wedding cake. Toast