Natasha and Ashley’s wedding in Old Down Manor Bristol

Meet Natasha and Ashley that tight their knot just a month ago in stunning place-Old Down Manor. It’s located in a beautiful countryside, overlooking the Severn Vale. It was build in 1856 and with it’s mock Gothic styling and Victorian elegance is the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding.I would highly recommended for anyone who wants to have unforgeable day.The building has got big windows that gave perfect light for photographing. You can hire the whole place with lots of rooms and space for you and all your guest.Natasha and Ashley are an amazing couple that created lovely atmosphere  and were making sure everyone have a great time. There was lots of fun and laughter and a few tears thrown in for a good measure. The weather was a mixture of rain and sunshine that day  .As soon as we finished the group shots outside ,the massive rain came and I must say we were very lucky to escape and hide inside again:)For me it was a real joy to photograph the couple and all the guests.I’m sure that the day was just how Natasha and Ashley had planned it.Once more a big thanks to the couple for letting me to be a part of your special day

with regards

Emil SzkamelskiCross Hands Barn People getting ready in Cross Hands Barn detail shot of the cosmetics Bride with her make up being done Bride in the small mirror  Bride doing her eyelashes.  Bride getting her hair done. Best friend of the bride getting ready.    Bride putting her earrings on. Close up shot of bride's earring. Using the perfumes. Flowers for the bride and groom. Fitting the flowers on suit. Best man colleting the flowers. Hair stylist taking the pictures for portfolio on the iphone Hair stylist taking the portrait of the bride her her mum. Portrait of the bride with her mother.  Old Down Manor.  Deer statue with Old Down Manor in the background.  Old Down Manor.  Bride with her friends walkin in to the Old Down Manor Gest book and some wedding decorations. Sitting plan for the guests at the wedding venue in Old Down Manor. Groom and his best man finishing some details at the dinner room. Dinning room in the Old Down Manor. Details shots. Camera as the decoration at the wedding.  Wedding Dress and detail on the dress. Wedding shoes. Bride putting her dress on. Bride and friends and family getting ready at Old Down Manor. Bridal last finishes and looking in the mirror. Brides portrait looking out the window and lookin up the camera. Beautiful portrait of the bride.  Brides going out the bedroom at the wedding venue. Bride walking down the stairs with best friends and family. Bride with bridemaids and dad. Little children sitting and waiting for the bride. Lillte girls playing at the weding. Portrait of the little girl. Wedding ceremony room at Old Down Manor. Detail of the wedding ceremony room. Detail shot of the ceremony room. The Groom and guests waiting for the Bride and Bridesmaids to walk in. Litlle flowers girls walking in. Bride with her father walking in. Bride and father walking down the isle. Bride and her dad walking down the isle. Bride and Groom and his son. Groom admiring the bride. Gretting kiss of the groom. The groom looking at the Bride. wedding ceremony readings. Exchanging the rings. Groom putting the ring on the brides hand. The bride putting the wedding ring on grooms hand. 20140802-DSC00206 Wide shot of the wedding couple in ceremony. 20140802-DSC00211-Edit 20140802-DSC00212 The bride and groom kissing. Signatures at the wedding. 20140802-DSC00245 20140802-DSC00247 20140802-DSC00254 20140802-DSC00256 20140802-DSC02396 20140802-DSC00268 20140802-DSC02401 20140802-DSC00282 20140802-DSC00277 20140802-DSC00285   Drinking champagne. 20140802-DSC02413 Walking out and grettings from the gests. 20140802-DSC00308 Outdoor group wedding picture. Bride and groom with bridesmaids, best mann and ashers. 3 20140802-DSC02670 20140802-DSC02682 20140802-DSC02819 20140802-DSC00516 20140802-DSC00522 20140802-DSC00527 1 20140802-DSC00644 20140802-DSC00656 20140802-DSC00602-2 20140802-DSC00846 20140802-DSC00821-Edit 20140802-DSC00743 20140802-DSC00725 20140802-DSC00718 20140802-DSC00732 20140802-DSC00836 20140802-DSC00530 Reaction for speeches.  Guest sitting at the dinning tables2.  20140802-DSC02713 Guest sitting at the dinning tables 1. Guest sitting at the dinning tables.  The groom is getting the key to the bedroom.  Flowers girls sitting.  Group shot from above. Bride with little flower girl from above. 20140802-DSC00452 20140802-DSC00421 The groom, best man, ashers, Father and family standing up the stairs. 20140802-DSC02646  20140802-DSC02520  20140802-DSC02525 20140802-DSC02529 Natasha and Ashley in front of the old Manor Building. The wedding couple standing together in fron of Old Dow Manor.  20140802-DSC00952-Edit  20140802-DSC00935-Edit  20140802-DSC00926  20140802-DSC00921-Edit  20140802-DSC00481-Edit  20140802-DSC00479  The wedding couple shot above from balcony. 20140802-DSC02928 Newly maried couple hold their hands and looking back. 20140802-DSC02910-Edit 20140802-DSC02932 20140802-DSC02943 Wedding couple with Severn Bridge in the background. Black and white picture of wedding couple lookin over Severn Bridge in Bristol. Dribe and groom at the balcony in Old Down Manor in Bristol. Love. The wedding cake. Picture of wedding couple with the cake. Newly married couple cutting the cake. Wedding couple in front of the wedding cake. The bride is about to throw  the flowers. The bride throwing the flowers. Little girl cathing the flowers.  Wedding couple and guests dancing. Wide shot of the first dance. First dance at the wedding in Bristol. First dance.