If you are looking for examples of Bristol wedding photography or wedding photographer Bath, you may be interested to look at the wedding of Natasha Royer and Franck, which took place at the beautiful Cumberwell Park in Bradford-on-Avon, on the 18th of June this year. I was lucky enough to do the wedding photography for this happy couple in this stunning wedding location near Bath. Being a Bath wedding photographer, I love to travel to these wonderful locations in and around the area itself, and be part of such a happy and momentous occasion.

Despite the day itself starting off a bit cloudy with some rain, this has no negative impact on the wonderful shots that were captured of the bride and groom, with and without friends and family by their side. The rain did clear later in the day, allowing for some other lovely photographs to be taken too. The unpredictable weather however is all part of the fun of having a wedding in England!

The bride Natasha originally came from Russia, moving to Britain when she was just a child, and eventually setting up work as a Vet. Here she met Franck, who is French and has a career as a software engineer. Despite the couple moving out to Australia together a few years ago, they both decided to come back to England to have their wedding. This was a well made decision as the day was simply perfect, and was everything that the bride and groom wanted on their special day.

If you are looking for samples of Bristol wedding photography, or to hire a Bristol wedding photographer, then look no further than Snappy Creation. I have been a part of many weddings around Bristol and Bath, and these photographs are just some of the special memories that I have captured.


Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

Bride is getting make-up in reflection of the morror. Bridal make-up. Make-up of the bride in black and white.

Wedding dress.

Wedding shoes.

Bride is getting her necklace put on.

Bridal portrait in black and white.

Bride close-up potrait. Bride portrait.

Getting the veil corrected.

Bride in front of the window.

Bride with mother and grandmother looking at each other. Bride and her best friend.

Bride with niece.


Groom. Celebration bubbles. Flower decorations. litlle card with names.

Wedding invitation.

Seating tables.

Wedding cake.

Wedding details. Bondi beach card. Groom waiting for bride to walk down the aisle.

Mother walking bride down the aisle.

Cumberwell Park wedding.

Groom seeing the Bride.

Bride crying when walkin down the aisle.

Mother giving the bride to the groom.

Wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony in Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon.

Getting the rings on.

Wide shot of putting the rings on wedding ceremony.

Close-up putting the wedding ring on.

Just married.

Little kiss.

Formal shot of the wedding couple.

Mother speech at the ceremony.


Walking out.

Walking out of the building.

Wedding group photo.

Just married couple.

Bride and groom with mothers.

Braidmaids with groomsmen. Touching foreheads.

Bride and groom posing.

The lakes in Cumberwell Park.

Wedding in Cumberwell Park.

Wedding picture on thr bridge.

Wedding picture close-up. Wedding couple from above.

Walking in together.

Cumberwell Park inside.

Speeches at Cumberwell Park.

Bestman speech.

Kiss before cutting the cake.

Cutting the cake.

First dance.

Wide angle wedding shot at Cumberwell Park

Wedding portrait in the trees. Intimate portrait.

Groom lifting the bride.


Cumberwell park in Bradfor-on-Avon when dark.