Finding Photography Inspiration from Love Stories

Last year had a opportunity to work with amazing couple.Never had a chance to post on my blog so here it is now!
The work of a wedding photographer Bristol is not easy, especially when dealing with very picky and meticulous clients. But for every challenge, comes triple fun and excitement.
You get to meet new people.
You get to explore a new side of wedding photography.
Most importantly, you get to listen to love stories that have yet to hit the books or theatres. Tales that will send script writers scrambling for a pen and paper, all the while thinking they can turn the story into a heart-warming script.
The stories, for me, are the best part of being a wedding photographer Bath. They add value to my work, and they inspire me to take wedding photography in Bristol to the next level. There may be a set of wedding photography styles with specific definitions, but what I see behind the camera lens and what comes out in print is unique, each and every time.
One of my most unforgettable photo shoots was with Kayleigh and Steve, who fell in love at first sight. Typical, right? Well, not quite. Because it all started with Rizla, something you would not often associate with love and marriage, but worked like a charm for them.
They were one of the few couples I worked with that we’re together for a very long time before they got hitched, 11 years to be exact. It totally changed my mind about long engagements, and why some people need a decade to get to know each other.
I have to say working with them was very enjoyable for me, and they did treat me like I was part of the family. During their pre-wedding shoot, we went for a short walk to the fields and small park behind their house in Keynsham, accompanied by their dog Tyke, a very adorable old dog.
It gave me the opportunity to know more about Kayleigh and Steve, and learn more about how their love story started. They even let me in on how Steve proposed with lots of candles, flowers and a 3D pop-up card. It was truly an unusual way to ask someone to marry, but definitely Steve’s style.
Being able to spend time with this lovely couple gave me the inspiration on how to bring out the best in their wedding through pictures. I want them to have a reason to reminisce at every opportunity, with their wedding photographs as a time machine. To Katie and Steve – a long and happy married life.


Pre-wedding shoot in Keynsham, Bristol Kayleigh and Steve. Pre-wedding silhouette in Bristol Pre-wedding in forest. Pre-wedding kiss. Kayleigh, Steve and Tyke Pre-wedding in the trees. Black and white picture. resting her head on his arm. Looking in to the camera shoot. Pre-wedding walk.