A Lovely Leap-Year Wedding in Bath

I had the greatest privilege to be the chosen photographer of a very special wedding of Greta and Martin that was held on the 29th of February at the Guildhall in Bath. It was a very short ceremony in the Russell room with only two witnesses. There, I took a few shots of them on the stairs inside and then a few more in front of the building, before we went for a 40-minute walk around the city centre in bath. I took few shots of them around the impressive Bath Abbey and at the stairs in front of the Roman Bath. Even the weather made it sure that this special occasion would not be spoiled—it was sunny with a bit clouds.

I was also lucky to hear the story of this lovely couple, as the feeling has even inspired me more to capture the best moments of the ceremony. As Greta said, she and Martin went to the same school and remained friends for about 10 years… until recently! And though it was kind of a long-distance love affair when they started dating—Martin was living in the UK, while Greta was living in San Francisco, California—the couple made it work! As for the proposal, the chivalrous groom came to visit the lovely bride in her home and planned a trip to the Yosemite National Park. There, they hiked to reach the Glacier Point, and it was in this great place where martin worked up the courage to propose to Greta. Though nervous at that time, the groom eventually popped the question, with the bride not believing him at first, but eventually silenced with surprise as Martin pulled out a box with the ring inside. She said “Yes!” and agreed to move to the UK to be with her love. A happy ending indeed!

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