Children at the weddings.

Children can be a lot of fun at weddings (especially busting their cute little moves on the dance floor). From my point of view they bright up every wedding and they are creating “magic “atmosphere throughout the day.

I personally think that unopposed, natural photographs of the children could be one of the best and priceless shots.

As a photographer I just need to observe the children and capture the create reportage-style pictures and suit and satisfied the couple.

I’m trying not to overwhelm the children and don’t point my camera right in their faces. I’m trying to do the normal shooting at everyone else fist so children can be more comfortable with me being around them.

In my work it’s important to show the day and tell the story from children’s point as well. They’re naturally very expressive and I never wait too long to do some shots.

Occasionally if I “miss” something that the child was doing (for example running around the garden, hiding behind the tree) I may try to encourage the child to do it again so I can have a second go at shooting.

If I will be really lucky I might came across the child who absolutely would love the camera, feel very confident and happy to work with me. That child might pose and make toothy grins in one of the natural and most gorgeous way. I’m sure that in that occasion that shots will be just simply perfect

From my point of view friends and family members (including children) are the most important part of every wedding. It’s essential to involve everyone in the photography and sometimes children might make adult guests more light-hearted and less stress, which comes, out well in photographs.

Little girl looking from under the table at the wedding.Two little flowers girls.Little children sitting at the wedding.Little baby girls playing at the wedding with flower flakes.Little children having sweets at the wedding.