Rich and Jane Wedding Photography in Bristol


As a wedding photographer covering Bristol I would like to introduce you a lovely couple Rich & Jane that in June 2013 got married at the gorgeous Hilton Hotel in Aztec West.On the day we were lucky enough to be blessed with good weather.

It was lovely to see Rich and Jane so at easy and relax in front of the camera,which isn’t always easy on your wedding day! Jane looked absolutely stunning in her lovely dress with a big smile that

stays with her throughout all day.

The ceremony was very touching ,with some lovely reading by close friends and family members.I personally loved the best man speech that brought hit after hit of laughter.I think on every wedding

there should be such a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere as it was with Rich and Jane.

Thank you Rich and Jane for having me along.It was such a brilliant day!




Yate registry office

Yate registry office

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