Capturing Celebration of Love Between Steve and Kayleigh
Being a wedding photographer in Bristol definitely has its advantages. Not only do I get to do my job, but also listen to great love stories that happen in real life. And I had the great opportunity to work with a really lovely couple, Steve and Kayleigh, who said their I Dos in St John Church in Keynsham .Their venue was Berwick Lodge Speaking of which, this is another perk of being a Bristol wedding photographer – you get to be in places you would normally not venture to, unless you really have to. And the Berwick Lodge has this beautiful setting that would turn even the most unromantic person romantic.
What’s the story behind Steve and Kayleigh?
It was rizla at first sight! Well, sort of. The first time they met was at a new BMX track in Keynsham when she accompanied her eldest nephew, Sam. She used rizla as an excuse to start talking to Steve, asking him if he has any. They have been together ever since.
11 years after, Steve proposed in his typical sense of humour. On the bedroom floor, He arranged candles in the shape of a heart around a vase filled with red roses. Resting against the case was a 3D pop-up card with the words ‘congratulations on your engagement’. The image still makes me laugh to this day, simply because it was not the typical marriage proposal, and Steve was like congratulating Her with her engagement to someone else.
For all the years they’ve been together, through ups and downs, they definitely deserved the wedding of their dreams. And they did get to do that in a ceremony in St. John’s Church in Keynsham, Bristol, and a reception in Berwick Lodge. I was very happy to be the Bristol wedding photographer who was able to capture such a momentous event. Steve and Her really made me believe about longevity. After 11 years, they still have stars in their eyes for one another. Kayleigh even told me that she was over the moon that Steve still wanted to marry her and put up more with her for the next years or so. If that is not true love, I seriously do not know what is.
All the love and romance tripled, or even quadrupled, because of their choice of venue. As a wedding venue and hotel, Berwick Lodge is simply superb. It is the best-kept secret in the South West, featuring a magnificent country house and acres of enchanting gardens. The beautiful garden with a couple of fountains provided a magical backdrop for my Bristol wedding photography. And because the weather was sunny and dry, something that seldom happens in England, taking pictures outdoors was easy and convenient. The colours that Mother Nature provided also added to the appeal and the beauty of the photographs. Overall, I can say that it was a great day to get married, and Steve and Kayleigh definitely chose the perfect time and location.
The presence of family and friends also made a huge difference. It made the celebration even more lovely and joyful. It was enough for Steve and Kayleigh to have made their family proud. I can only hope the love all around the venue that day translated to the pictures. I cannot wait to show them the precious moments I have captured on camera. It is in events like these that make being a wedding photographer in Bristol worth it.

Kayleigh and Steve's introduction.

Kayleigh is getting her make-up.

Kayleigh with her make-up artist.

Putting the earings.

Wedding preparations in Bewrick Lodge. Black and white shot with hairdresser. Reflections at the wedding preparations.

Hair to be done ate the wedding preparations.


Nail painting.

Hairsdressing in the mirror.

Black and white shot of finishing last detail in Berwick Lodge.

Weddings decorations.

Flowers decorations.

Wedding tree with fingerprint.


Flowers on the wedding day.

Wedding shoes.

Wedding dress.

Tighten the wedding dress in black and white.

Portrait of the bride.

Wedding car. St John's Church in keynsham.

Groomsmen stadnig in front of the Church in Keynsham.

The Lady priest is welcoming the bride.

Black and white portrait of grandad.

Family taking pictures of their family.

Little girl is playing.

Girls posing in front of the church.

Wedding car coming to the church.

Bride in the car arriving in bw.

Bride is getting out of the car.

Bride walking.

Bride with nephew and best friend coming to the church. Girls are getting ready to walki in to the church. Keynsham church inside.

Bridal party waiting for bride.

Wedding party waiting for bride to walk in.

The bride walking down the aisle. Nephew walking the bride down the aisle. Walking down the aisle in black and white.

First look of bride and groom.

Wedding ceremony in St John's Church in Keynsham, Bristol. Wedding ceremony. Black and white shot of wedding ceremony in Keynsham. Picture of the wedding ceremony.

Bride looking at the groom.

Groom looking at the bride .

 Close picture of the groom looking at the bride.

Nephew at the wedding.

Wedding inside st John's Church in Bristol.

The couple at the ceremony.

Putting the wedding ring on her finger.

Wedding ceremony in black and white.

Putting the wedding ring on his finger.

Putting the rings at the wedding.

Ceremony after the rings. Bride and groom walking out. Newly married couple walking out. Wedding couple walking out of the church. Walking out of the church.

Confettin shot.

Old lady with camera loughing.



Family pictures with family taking pictures.


Older lady taking pictures.

Little boy at the wedding.

Little boy in black and white.

Picture of little boy.

Taking images with mobile phone.

Brother hugging the bride at the wedding.

Family hugging.

Family and friend picture in front of st John's church in Bristol. Bride and groom posing with dog. Bride and groom kissing. Wedding couple with car in front of the Berwick Lodge in Bristol. Couple just about to kiss in the car. Black and white shot of the wedding couple in the car. Wedding at the Berwick Lodge. Magician at the wedding in Berwick Lodge. Playing at the Berwick lodge. Berwick Lodge's garden. Berwick Lodge in Bristol. Snappycreation188 Speeches. Wedding speech.


Guests at the wedding.

Bride wiping the tears.

Groom loughing.

Groom's speech.

Bride is getting emotional.

Gromm put the dark glasses on.

Surprised bride.

Groom is starting rapping during the seech.

Groom is rapping.

Brides reaction for groom's speech.

Bride and groom kissing after the speeches.

Bride is thanking her best friend.

Magician with his tricks at the weeding. Bristol's Berwick Lodge garden. Wedding tree stamps. Groomsmen. Groomsmen and bride kissing. Groomsmen with bridemaids. Four sisters with brother. Bridemaind. Family and friens photograph from above at the wedding

Bride and groom kissing.

Portrait of little girl.

Picture of little girl.

Lads playing around.

Sisters loughing.

Picture of parents whivh have past away.

Four sisters loughing at the wedding Wedding couple with the fountain in Berwick Lodge.

Close up wedding couple.

Couple in summer house in Berwick Lodge. Wedding couple sitting on the bench. Wedding couple with sculptures.

Beautiful image of the wedding couple.

Beautiful black and white image of the wedding couple. Wedding photography Bristol. Black and white in the trees. Wedding portrait in the trees. Black and white image.

Wedding portrait when couple kissing each other.

Black and white wedding portrait. Beautiful wedding portrait on location in Berwick Lodge, Bristol. Berwick Lodge feature. New married couple in black and white image. Wedding couple looking at each other. Cutting the cake. Wedding couple kissing an the dance floor.

First dance in black and white.

First dance in colour.

First dance.