I would like to introduce you  a lovely couple. Meet Ania and Michal who tight the knot last year in Poland.  I accompanied Ania when she was getting ready in her parents house. After the groom arrived, the couple had a special blessing from both of their parents. Ania was very relaxed and self controlled through the whole time,whereas Michal was a bit nervous and stressed.He cheers up and calm down a bit during the way to the church. I must say the ceremony was quite emotional and the priest told a few jokes that made everybody laughing. By doing this he created relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. As we arrived to the wedding venue the owners welcome the couple with bread and solt. It meant to bring them years of happiness and prosperity. The couple started the evening with their first dance. They look absolutely outstanding. If I wouldn’t  know them I would think they are profesional dancers.You can see the electricity and emotions that connect them forever. It was like a bit of magic. After the first dance the band played lots of different kind of music and involved most of the quests to join in and take a part in games too. there was plenty of laugh, smile,  an fun. What a great time we all had together. Around the midnight a massive cake arrived. it looked so beautiful and tasted really delicious. It was one of the best cakes ever. Once more a massive congratulations to Ania and Michal. I wish you all the best on new way of life… house of thebride    Bride hugging the best friend Before preperation in Brides home     Bride's dad putting the neckless on    Dride's father putting on the neckless    Bride's dress detail   Wedding dress in full length hanging on the ceiling.  Best friend hulping with the errings.  Putting the earrings in black and white.  Wedding shoes.    Family getting her make up done.        Mather of the bride getting the wedding dress ready.  Bride putting the wedding dress on.  Bride putting the dress on 2  Grandma looking  al the bride getting ready. Best friend helping with the dress.  The best frien and the bride's mum  helping put the wedding dress on.  The best frien and the bride's mum  helping put the wedding dress on 2.  Cheeky bride getting her dress tighten up.      Last finishes with the wedding dress.  Black and white image with bride putting her gress on.  Bride putting the shoes on. Portrait of the beautiful bride in coulor.  Portrait of the bride  Bride getting her hair sprayed.  Dad helping the bride.  Black and white picture of the bride posing in the mirror.  Family helping to put tha vail on the brie's head.  Picture of the bride.  Dad heping with the sleves from the dress.  Full length portrait of the bride.       The groom is going to the bride's house with wedding bouquet. Mather of the groom blessing the bride. Wedding couple exchanging the flowers.  Mather of the bride putting some money under her bra to bring them good fortune in life.  Mather of the bride putting some money under her bra to bring them good fortune in life in black and white.  Dad of the bride blessing the new maried couple.  Dad of the groom blessing the maried couple in their home.      Wedding preparations.  Young couple walking out of the bride's house.  Couple in front of the car. The bride waving from the car.   Group of motorbikes at the wedding.  People chatting at wedding convoy. wedding convoy Wedding couple in church.    Priest is welcoming the couple.  Priest is talking to the couple in front of the church.  Wide angle shot in the church from the back.  Black and white picture of the wedding couple in the church.  Parents of the groom.  The brides parents at the wedding ceremony in church. Family in the church.  The bride in the catholic church.  Mather of the bride looking at the young couple in the church. The bride is smiling in the church .  Bride is lokking at the groom in the church.  Wedding ceremony.  Wedding ceremony in church.  Wedding couple  having a laugh at the ceremony in church.    Priest doing the reading at the wedding ceremony in church.     Wedding ceremony in black and white picture. Snappycreation-wedding photography in Bristol-74 Snappycreation-wedding photography in Bristol-73      Black and whit shot at wedding   The wedding couple walking out of the church.  The rice drop at the wedding.  The wedding couple picking up the coins.  Bride and little children picking up the coins.  Litte girl helping pick up the coins aty the wedding.Black and white shot at the wedding with church in the background.  Snappycreation-wedding photography in Bristol-84  Snappycreation-wedding photography in Bristol-85  Just married couple in front of the church The newly married couple kissing in friont of the church.  Wedding couple.  Wedding couple are walking down the stairs from the church.  The groom is getting best wishes from the family. Pigeons are getting out the basket in fron of the wedding venue.     Couple next to the wedding cake.  People taking pictures of the couple next to wedding cake.  Cutting the wedding cake.  First dance on the wedding. Wedding dance in slow motion .    First dance in slow motion.