Katie & Edward’s Vintage-Style Wedding Photography
I have to say, being a wedding photographer Bristol, Bath, or any location for that matter is not always glitz and glamour. But that’s what makes the job even more exciting. That, and the variety of people that I meet along the way.
I have met some very interesting people in my career, with some leaving a lasting impression. One of them was couple’s Katie and Edward, who tied the knot last December 2015. During their wedding day, the weather was a bit wet, with showers and a bit of clouds. For wedding photography Bristol to be excellent, the weather should cooperate, but it wasn’t helping me that day.
Then I saw Katie and Edward, who couldn’t care less what’s going on with the world, because they simply want to get married, to be man and wife. Then I thought to myself, if this lovely couple wouldn’t let a bit of clouds and showers to dampen their day, I wouldn’t let it either.
The good news is Katie and Edward wanted their wedding to be in vintage style, which made me realise the weather actually worked in my favour. Vintage photographs, after all, must have that old world look and feel, which would be easy to achieve thanks to the clouds. Low lighting might be a challenge, but the ambience was just right.
My work as a wedding photographer Bristol started with the wedding preparations. My coverage started from Katie’s house in Patchway, Bristol, where I took some really great photos of the Bride, and her transformation from Katie into the future Mrs Edward.
The actual wedding took place in Preston Mill Watermill near Bath, which is the perfect venue for a vintage-style wedding. The miller’s house, kiln, mill, and the 19th-century mill wheel make the best backdrop. It’s as vintage as it gets.
It made my job a lot easier, especially because I’ve had prior projects in the mill as a wedding photographer Bath.  What is even better is that there is no shortage of photo opportunities, with every location providing an ideal spot.
With the wedding party held in the same place as the wedding ceremony, logistics wasn’t much of a problem for me. And the bit about the weather? Completely forgotten.
My wedding coverage was set to end with the first dance, so I made the most of the activity leading up to the momentous event, capturing precious moments while the wedding meals were taking place. It should have been a challenge taking pictures when people are constantly moving about, but candid shots have always been my forte, because that’s where the drama, emotions and genuine expressions come out. So the entire process was smooth and very much discreet.  I’m also glad that the guests and the lovely couple seem to have forgotten I’m around, making it easy for me to take pictures. They’re also very cooperative when I ask them to strike a pose for the camera. Overall, it was a very productive day for me, especially with the weather cooperating. To Katie and Edward, all the best.


Wedding photographer Bristol.

Wedding make up.

Wedding make up in black and white.

Wedding shoes.

Wedding dress.

Wedding preparations.

Flower girls.

Vintage wedding cake.

Flower details on the cake. Details decorations on wedding day.

Priston mill.

Groom's reflection in the mirror.

Groom and groomsman.

Groom and groomsman with pontiac car.

Wedding rings hung on the tree. Wedding rings shot.

Groom with litlle son.

Groom is getting ready.


Bride is getting out of the limousine.

Walking in to the venue.

Bride walking in in the rain.

Bride in the rain.

Walking up stais in the Priston Mill.

Little flower girls.

Flower girls walking.

Priston Mill wedding venue.

Bride walking up the isle.

Groom seeing the bride.

Bride and groom at the wedding ceremony in Priston Mill.

Wedding ceremony.

Bride at the ceremony.


Putting the ring on.

 First kiss. Signatures at the wedding.

Emotional moment at the wedding.

Kids having fun at the wedding. Priston Mill wedding set up. Boys at the wedding.

Groom with his best mate.

Wedding speaches.

Kiss at the wedding.

Raising toast at the wedding in Priston Mill.

Bride and groom.

Bride and groom in Black and white.

Bride and groom in Priston Mill garden.Couple in Priston Mill

Bride throwing the bouquet.Catching the bouquet.

Kids playing at the Priston Mill garden.

Big wedding group photograph at Priston Mill

First dance.

Slow sync dance shot.

Party at the Priston Mill.